Male and female students doing schoolwork

Male and female students doing schoolwork

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Welcome to Unique Learning

We believe that to climb a mountain, one should not undertake the journey alone. It takes resources, knowledge, the support of others and immense dedication. That is why we believe in providing more than just financial support to our Scholars. Our programs are designed to enhance our students potential to reach their milestones along their journey to the top and bring forth their best attributes, enabling them to achieve their lifelong goals and influence transformational impact in their society.

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In here you will get all the information about our Scholarships for more please contact us: 032 2 00 12 43;

Lika Gabadze;  Assistant of Scholarship Program: +995 577 514 724


HMC Projects Scholarship Programme

HMC-ის პროექტების ჯგუფი საშუალებას აძლევს ქართველ სკოლის მოსწავლეებს სტიპენდიით განათლება მიიღონ წამყვან კერძო ბრიტანულ სკოლებში. პროექტი სრულად ფარავს სწავლის, კვების და ცხოვრების ხარჯებს. სკოლაში სწავლისას მოსწავლეები მოემზადებიან A Level-ის გამოცდებისთვის და ჩაერთვებიან დამატებით არასასკოლო აქტივობებში

English Language Courses

English language courses cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, reading and writing in English, including grammar and literature skills. They're normally taken as part of a full degree program related to English.


Unique Learning organises education scholarships to highly motivated and ambitious youth pursuing A Level degree in the UK with little or no financial resources. We believe that funding education locally will encourage and allow students to make an impact in their communities.


Our Student Scholars pursue degrees in various fields, including medicine and health sciences, community development, education, law, agriculture, social work, business, information technology and engineering. 

Stage Performances

Involvement in performance arts also develops social skills and good behavior in children. Students work together to put on a production and learn valuable skills such as teamwork, confidence, and patience. According to a study conducted by the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, participation in fine arts has been linked to higher student motivation and engagement in school. With performance rehearsals and independence practice, students learn to follow directions and become more responsible.

Students also experience a boost in self-esteem when performing. When their hard work and preparation finally comes to fruition, students see and feel the benefit of their labor. Through speaking lines or a singing a song on stage, kids gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

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